I am a Memory Keeper...

Paper crafting is a part of who I am.  Although I enjoy making cards, scrapbooking is my passion.  It is an honor to record my family’s stories through my eyes.

I have seen a lot of changes in the industry since I started scrapbooking 33 years ago.  We have the best of so many things right now, and the digital age of photographs has added an incredible element to what we do as scrapbookers.

I’ve also been blessed to grow in my craft through so many avenues, and my small business is my full-time job.   A happy thing is when you go to bed at night excited for the next day.  This truly is the job of my dreams and the place where I belong!

Founder and Independent Maker
Award-Winning Paper Crafter

My Resume

Teaching Experience

2023: Founders Event Business Presenter

2023: CTMH Workshop Committee

2022: Founders Event Business Presenter

2022: CTMH Workshop Committee

2021: Convention Business Presenter

2020: Business Builders Presenter

2020: Convention Creative Presenter

2019: Convention Creative Presenter

2019: Business Builders Presenter

2018: Convention Leadership Presenter

2018: Business Builders Presenter

2017: Convention Creative Presenter

2016: Convention Creative Presenter

2016: Business Builders Presenter

2015: Convention Creative Presenter

2014: Convention Creative Presenter

2013: Regional Business Presenter

2012: Regional Business Presenter

Incentive Trips

2023:  Riveria Maya

2022:  The World is Yours (Puerto Rico, Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, St. Lucia, St. Kitts – Cruise)

2021: Maui and Kauai

2020: New York/Bermuda Cruise

2019: Tahiti (Moorea)

2018:  Western Caribbean Cruise

2017: Thailand (Bangkok and Phuket)

2016:  Puerto Vallarta

2015:  Eastern Caribbean Cruise

2014:  Oahu

2013:  Costa Rica

2012:  Southern Caribbean Cruise

2008:  Western Mediterranean Cruise

Annual Awards

2022: Personal Sales

2022: Team Building

2021: Personal Sales 

2020: Personal Sales

2019: Personal Sales

2019: Leadership Development

2019: Team Building 

2018: Leadership Development 

2018: Personal Sales

2018: Team Building

2018: Super Seller

2018: Operation Smile Mission to Bolivia

2017: Super Seller

2016: Super Seller