Hello 2022! Join Close To My Heart for $20!

During the month of January, you can join Close To My Heart for $20 and get $22 back in Close To My Heart to spend on the product of your choice!

I am thrilled about this campaign! I love being a Close To My Heart Maker for so many reasons!

  • My Rose Blossom Team: I absolutely enjoy all of the women on my team. To watch them grow in their paper crafting skills, to call them friends, and to share in lives and journey with Close To My Heart is priceless to me! And these photos are just a small sampling of all the happy times I’ve shared with my team!
  • I love the discount I receive as a Close To My Heart Maker! I have the ability to purchase everything at 25% off! WOWIE! And then on top of that, I earn Close To My Heart Cash according to my monthly sales. This chart outlines the commission (or discount) that can be earned with Close To My Heart.
  • One of the first questions I am asked is what the quarterly minimums are to be an active Close To My Heart Maker. It is a low $300, and I can tell you that most of you are spending that on your purchases. Why not join and get 25% off of what you buy?

I want to talk a little about what I offer my Rose Blossom team!

  • Camaraderie on an active Facebook group is important. I can confidently say that my team members love the friendships they have formed because they get to know each other through posts. I believe they’d say they love being a Rose Blossom – and that has nothing to do with me. It’s because they are connected in a unique way to enjoy this journey together!
  • The women on my team come from all walks of life and all over the country. They each are Makers in their own way, and that is so important! I have some team members that run their business in a way that allows them the money to pay bills or get their product free. I also have team members that just love the discount, so they purchase for themselves and maybe a friend or two to meet their minimums. Everyone has a different goal, and I fully support the opportunity to choose what you’d like to do!
  • Training is important, too! When you join my team, I teach you the basics, guide you through the online office (where there is a multitude of training), and I coach my team on important business and creative ideas on my Facebook group. I have 15 years experience as a full-time Maker and Leader with Close To My Heart. I can guide you into what works, and I always share what has not worked with me and what I have learned.
  • I share unique workshops with my team free of charge. This allows everyone to create with their customers or their own personal needs.
  • I lead by example. I run a substantial business, and I work hard for my customers and team. I firmly believe a leader needs to show you how to run a business and then you can take the bits and pieces that work for you!

And guess what? You have the opportunity to earn FREE product in your first 45 days! With orders from 9 family members and friends in your first 45 days, you can receive all of this! They just need to place an order on your website (which is FREE, by the way!). I promise you that this is easy to earn! When is the last time you had a home party? You collected orders to earn free product, and this is the very same thing!

What are some other benefits of being a Maker?

  • We are able to purchase new product one month before everyone else in a preview period. Whether that is for you to prepare for a class or whether you just like to receive new products sooner (what paper crafter doesn’t?), this is a perk!
  • Close To My Heart has Launch event for every two-month catalog! This means you can purchase a bundle of product and receive a new book very early. It’s always so exciting! If you are local, I have events at my home for all the launches! Just one more way to get together and have fun together!
  • Close To My Heart releases business videos to teach you what you need to know!
  • Product videos are also released to keep you updated on all the latest products!
  • The Maker Facebook group is essential for artwork inspiration and community building. I love that group and am in awe of the talented Makers we have from all over the globe!
  • In the Online Office for Makers, there are free, pre-designed projects and workshops you can use to create beautiful layouts and cards.

What have you got to lose by being a Close To My Heart Maker? If you’ve thought about it before, you should really take the leap!