Clean & Simple Memory Keeping Club Starting March 1, 2022

I am so excited to tell you about my BRAND NEW club starting on March 1st! This is very different from the kind of club I have had for the last several years, and I think you are going to like it a lot.

Let me explain the good stuff!

  • When you join my Clean & Simple Memory Making Club, you will receive all the PRE-CUT pieces to create a FREE 2-page layout kit. Only club members will receive this kit!
  • There is a low monthly minimum! You only need to place a $40 order each month during your commitment to receive the FREE layout kit. (If you are a cardmaker, you can choose the FREE card kit.) You will need to place your order by the 25th of the month on my website to fulfill your commitment. I will mail the FREE kit(s) out after you have placed your order.
  • You can order absolutely anything you want!
  • If you are a VIP and increase your order to $50, not only will you receive a FREE Stamp of the Month, but there’s something extra! You will receive a FREE Stamp of the Month kit that creates 3 beautiful cards. This is a perk for club members only!
  • The ONE-TIME cost of club commitment is $20, and I will send an invoice when you join. This fee covers the cost of shipping for the 6 months that you are in club.

Local people, take a look!

  • If you are local, I will be holding a class in person for you to come and create the layout and place your order directly with me. The class will be at my home on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 6:30 pm. The February trial class will be on February 16, and you can decide then if you’d like to commit to 6 months.

Here is the February 2-page layout!

You will use Thin Cuts, Sawyer Digital Art, faux stitching, and learn some fun things about balance on two pages.

All those die-cuts will be pre-cut in your FREE 2-page kit!

Here is the February Stamp of the Month Card Kit!

As a VIP with a $50 order, this is what you would receive as a Clean & Simple Memory Keeping Club Member (WOW!!):

  • FREE Pre-Cut Layout Kit (valued at $10 +)
  • FREE Stamp of the Month (valued at $18.95)
  • FREE Stamp of the Month Kit (valued at $10 +)
  • At least $6.50 in VIP Credit (depending on order size)
  • Credit toward Half-Prize Items!